5 Simple Style Tips You Can Learn From Patricia Manfield

photo: Patricia Manfield


If you don’t know her by her name, you’ve most likely come across her on Instagram, or in Style Du Monde or Vogue street style shots countless times. 22-year-old Italian Patricia Manfield has become a real it-girl and all her outfits are so easy to gain inspiration from! From Mango to Sandro, Patricia mixes high and low with ease! This former blogger is now studying fashion at Istituto Marangoni and trying to launch her career as a singer. Patricia knows how to rock every single piece, and we thought we’d sum up some of her best style tips.

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‘If people take trends too seriously, everyone ends up looking like clones. You should stick to who you are and what you really like.’


photo: ASOS

Shirt from ASOS, Gingham Top from ASOS, Jeans from Siwy, Shoes from ASOS




“I love mixing sexy, feminine styles with more masculine stuff. My signature style is definitely playful – oversized coats, plain white t-shirts and jeans.”


photo: Patricia Manfield

Coat from Mango, Top from H&M, Jeans from Mango




“Style is all about personality and we all wear clothes in a different way.”


photo: Patricia Manfield

Jacket from Mary Katranzou, Top from Givenchy, Jeans from Sandy Liang, Shoes from Balenciaga, Bag from Dolce & Gabbana




“Dressed up always, but casual – you’ve got to find the right balance. If you’re dressed down, wear heels; if you’re dressed up, wear flats.”


photo: Patricia Manfield


Top from Burberry, Faux Fur from Tahari, Jeans from Sandy Liang




“I’m described as having an Italian look but I change my style all the time; I like to be eclectic.”

photo: Patricia Manfield

Top from Roseanna, Skirt from Mango


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