How To Find Your Personal Style In 5 Easy Steps


It’s easy to think that signature style is reserved for the sharpest (and most confident) dressers. We’ve all struggled with finding our personal style at some point, gazing into our closet full of clothes we’ll never wear, and in which we don’t even feel good. Finding your personal style is important: beyond making good impressions, it will help give you confidence for every single day! It’s easier than you think, though. Here’s how to build your signature style…

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Know Your Shape


photo: Samantha Maria Official


Blazer from Paule Ka, Tee from Mango, Pants from Isabel Marant, Pumps from Gucci, Bag from J.W.Anderson



First of all, analyze the situation and be honest with yourself. As much as we wish to copy all those fashion bloggers, we are all different and we don’t have the same shape which means not everything suits everybody. That’s good, though, dressing for your uniqueness will help you find clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Having curves is ok because you are, you know, a woman! What’s important is to take every single aspect of your body as an asset.




Make A Board On Pinterest


photo: thehautepursuit


Trench Coat from Vanessa Bruno, Top from ASOS, Jeans from Cheap Monday, Shoes from Dr Martens, Bag from Louis Vuitton



This is a simple tip that will allow you to define your style very easily. Create an account on Pinterest and pin every single outfit you like. After 10 minutes, look at them. They all have something in common, a theme that will define what you like and who you are. My picks are usually oversized, rocky, and feminine. What are yours?




Get Confident


photo: Blame It On Fashion


Top from H&M, Jeans from H&M, Pumps from Gianvito Rossi, Bag from Cédric Charlier



Because confidence can’t be bought, wearing the coolest clothes on earth won’t be the solution. As I said earlier, take every single part of your body as an asset. Think you can’t? Beyonce and Kate Middleton have two completely different body types, but they’re both iconic and admired! Feel insecure about your own body? So are millions of women. Be you, take time for yourself, make projects and do things you are passionate about. Still struggling? This 60-Second Rule That Will Instantly Make You More Confident should help. And quick.




Define Your Basics


photo: Lucy Williams


Perfecto from Mango, White Tee from ASOS, Trousers from Topshop, Sneakers from Adidas, Bag from Simon Miller



Most of the bloggers follow the basic item + trendy item + designer item balance, which always results in a cool outfit. If you look at Lucy Williams (photo above), she constantly chooses a basic (white tee and a leather jacket), a trendy item (gingham printed trousers) and a designer item (the Simon Miller bag). There are only 10 basics, but there are 1000 different fabrics and shapes. Thanks to that, finding a pair of jeans, for example, can end up being an easy task; have you checked 7 Jeans That Will Make Your Butt Look Amazing?




Consider Your Lifestyle


photo: viennawedekind


Top from Roksanda, Jeans from Citizens Of Humanity, Pumps from Alexander Wang, Bag from Gucci, Glasses from Olivier Peoples The Row



How can you fit these patent leggings and those doc martens into your office life? Loving a certain style isn’t enough, as it needs to represent not only you but also your lifestyle and your goals. It is not about wearing a pencil skirt and some heels at the office (in feminism we trust), but it is about trying to find a balance between what you love and your everyday life.

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  • I love the tip about having basics + trendy item + designer item – it makes so much sense and is so simple!