This Is Why Everyone Is Wearing ‘Do Do Bar Or’ This Summer

If you are a savvy Instagram user you might have spotted this popular brand all over. Dodo Bar Or is the brand of this summer. Fashion bloggers and celebrities, from Chiara Ferragni to Selena Gomez, are loving it! The founder is Israeli actress-turned-designer Dorit Bar Or. The flamboyant fashion designer grew up in the Middle East, where she gets a lot of inspiration for her designs from and gives it a modern twist. She describes the perfect Dodo Bar Or woman as:

”She is fearless, she knows who she is and can work whatever she wears. She could feel sexy even when she’s wearing sneakers and a baggy jumper.”

The beautiful summer pieces from Dodo Bar Or are the must haves of this summer so we have selected our 10 favorites especially for you.

do do bar or

Duna Romper, $320 | Dodo Bar Or

do do bar or

Fatima Dress, $470 | Dodo Bar Or

do do bar or

Samara Kaftan Dress, $503 | Dodo Bar Or

do do bar or

Printed Mini Dress, $850 | Dodo Bar Or


Red Cotton Jacquard Amal Dress, $575 | Dodo Bar Or

do do

Marhaba Dress, $250 | Dodo Bar Or

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