9 Leading Designer Shoulder Bags Under $550


Finding a bag from your favourite designer that won’t leave you totally broke can be difficult. And we recognise that. At the end of the day, designers are designers for a reason and their work is highly respected for the same reasons. SO- with all that in mind, we have selected to most affordable bags from respected designer brands.



kenzo kali

Kenzo Mini Kalifornia Tote, $485

This stunning mini tote from Kenzo is perfect for the girls with a slightly edgier style who like to rock an effortless look. The zip detailing is a simple feature yet adds all the edge necessary to your outfit.



Diane Von Furstenberg Secret Agent Mini Shoulder bag, $300

This is an elegant croc-effect bag that is described as ‘two designs in one- a streamlined tote and a chic clutch that can be unzipped from the front. With expandable sides to create extra space inside.’



Coach Swagger 21 Tote in Snake Embossed Leather, $450

This incredible bag is for girls that don’t shy away from a bright colour & emboss. This Forest green is classy yet still a true statement piece. Paired with an all-black outfit would really be a show stopper.



Elizabeth & James Mini Laser Cut Leather Shoulder Bag, $295

The sophisticated gold chain strap and the pink underlay to accentuate the laser cut pair so well together that we truly think this is the biggest steal yet. There is nothing that this little gem couldn’t go well with.



Stella McCartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Tiny shoulder bag

A streetwear classic bag, condensed into one cuter size- is truly a staple for any girl looking to achieve a chic look. The renowned hardware on the Falabellas is precisely what has everyone going crazy for them; so for those of you who like hardware, but don’t want it to be over the top- this one is for you.




KARA Nano Tie Shearling Bag, $450

This incredible Kara shearling bag is undoubtedly the closest we’ve ever been to fulfilling our Fendi Fur Peekaboo dreams. There are no words necessary- but if you wear this, you have to make it the CENTRE of your outfit.



Mulberry Mini Lily in Oxblood, $545

Another non-basic colour yet one that is still easy to style and pair with outfits you might already have in your wardrobe.



Michael Kors Portia Small Saffiano Bag, $295

Of course, an MK bag was going to make an appearance. Michael Kors is popular for its affordable fashion accessories- and we feel this is one of their nicest pieces. Also available in plum and black.



Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Suede Bucket Bag, $395

As worn by Miranda Kerr and other VS models, Mansur Gavriel’s designs are so stylish and laid-back that there’s no way you could go wrong with owning one of these. This  bag would look super cute paired with black suede boots.



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Featured photo: The Fashion Medley