5 Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere This Summer

With the start of the new season, sunshine seems to be on everybody’s mind! We non-stop dream about our get-aways during the week and spend our weekends working on our tans. We are obsessed with all things summer and that means our new wardrobes too! And we know, if there’s one thing you girls love more than summer time, it’s your fashion fix. So take a look at the staple summer trends that will last as long as your summer romances! 


“All things rompers and playsuits are the hottest, easiest style fix you can get this season. We are seeing them everywhere, which has made me design my whole summer wardrobe around them! How many is too many? Because I may be guilty over splurging! But as playsuits for this season are better than ever before, who can really blame me?”


“Another style that we are seeing everywhere this season are backless dresses. Usually this look is reserved for an evening, where you can get a little bit more sexier with your look. But fashion girls are showing us that we can indeed show our backs off in the days without losing any sophistication, which is also great for achieving an all-over tan!”

“In summer I tend to experiment with my style, I usually spend most of winter hiding under jumpers and spending most of my spring trying to ditch them! But summer forces you out of your comfort zone and brings out a sunnier side of style! And with that added glow, you’re on top of your game!” 


“Slogan and Logo tees have been everywhere already through spring, but with more and more catching our eye it looks like they’re sticking around for summer! Which is perfect because if you just want to throw on a pair of high-waisted shorts you can tuck in your fav slogo tee for easy, enviable style!”


“This is literally our favorite trend for the summer! We cannot get enough of it! Maybe because we’re 90s girls and we secretly love having our favorite style come back into fashion. The crop top is hotter than last year as it takes on the true 90s form and we couldn’t be happier!”


“Wrap up the right way this summer with covering the right areas and showing the right ones. The wrap dress is definitely a huge trend for the season and fashion girls everywhere are rocking the latest cutest, feminine cut dress of the season. Mixing the two trends florals and wrap dresses means you’ve got a very stylish outfit! “

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