5 Summer Outfit Ideas You Should Try Out This Week

This week it really feels like I have nothing to wear. I look out the window every morning and see sunshine, and it feels with me dread. ‘What should I wear?’ is faced by half an hour of trying to find something I like, or something that fits. I love summer, but my wardrobe is not prepared for it, and I’m still clinging on to baggy jumpers. So, more than ever I’m in dire need of summer outfit inspo to kick me into gear! 

Summer Chic!

“In summer I like to keep it simple. I pair an easy dress with a denim jacket for when the temperature drops later on in the evening, and accessories that do most of the talking. Nikia has gotten this summer style down, it’s easy but stylish – what us girls crave! It shows you that you don’t have to be elaborate to be stylish and that, I love.”

“In winter it’s easy to be fashionable… Summer poses more of a challenge, but it’s definitely more fun!” 

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