10 Beach Outfit Ideas To Copy Right Now

Us babes are going to be hitting the beach hard this summer, so it’s important that we get the outfits right. It’s the outfits that we take from breakfast to the shore, then to lunch and cocktails. So, we want a simple outfit we can get at a steal so we can be the hottest babes on the beach!

“You don’t need Baywatch moments to stand out at the beach, instead shake your hair out and choose your outfit wisely!” 


“I usually keep my beach look relaxed with flowy materials. But that was before I knew you could apply edgy to beach wear. And this outfit is edgy. The pieces separately are just simple, easy going pieces, but together
 it becomes so much more.”


“The best look of all comes from remaining simple but stylish like Hanna. It’s not an out-there fashion choice, but it’s one worth envying. And this summer I’m determined to be that girl on the beach I’m usually envious of, I want that effortless style”

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